Join and Support

The money provided to the initiative “Light against Cancer” benefits people who cannot afford a Photodynamic Therapy on their own financial means.

Fundraising Activities 

Organise your own event and experience the joy of doing good. Create a fundraising website, simply, quickly, and effectively.

Invite friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues to join your activities in favour of the initiative “Light against Cancer”. Every penny counts.

Here are some suggestions for your very personal project:

  • Round the corner: Street parties, paper chase, karaoke, etc.
  • Sports events: Cycling, running, swimming, etc.
  • Sports tournaments: Football, golf, tennis, table tennis, etc.
  • Around the car: Classic car exhibitions, orientation rally, exchanges, etc.
  • For companies: An open house day     

If you intend to collect funds for the initiative “Light against Cancer”, please simply contact us We will support you wherever we can.


Charitable Celebration

Give a very unique new character to your birthday, anniversary or any other celebration. It is good to celebrate – it is even better to celebrate and collect funds for a charitable cause.

Have your guests give money instead of presents and do something good with it. Your financial contribution will support the application of Photodynamic Therapy for people that are not financially capable to have the life-saving measure being carried out.

So if you intend to celebrate and at the same time collect money for the initiative “Light against Cancer”, please contact us


Event Sponsoring

We are looking for teams participating in sports events: Clubs, corporate sports teams or just teams of friends who would consider starting for the initiative “Light against Cancer” to popularise it. You will run with the initiative’s logo on your jersey or T-shirt and contribute to increasing the popularity of “Light against Cancer” with each mile run.

Thank you very much for your efforts!